#140: New wonderful life in UTM KL


Here i want to share some stories in my new life as mahasiswi. Start on 2nd June 2013 i'm officially be a year one on 1DDPE stands for Diploma Electronic Engineering.

Orientation week was quiet happening with the great seniors (Y) Seriously I had never imagine that being a mahasiswi was the awesomeness memories, but life in school always be on top in my heart ever after. I miss schooling life :'( sobs sobs.
This is my new friends. From Johor - Negeri Sembilan - Kelantan - Pahang - KL
Thanks to Allah for meeting me with this peoples during orientation week. Alhamdulillah.
Well yeah, dormmates aku dekat TTJ pun terkejut kenapa kelas aku 6orang je perempuan. Berbeza sangat hidup aku di TTJ dengan di UTM. Dunia baru. Still adapting myself with the new surrounding. I always hoping that we can cooperate each other yeaaaa coursemate! Gelak sama-sama, gurau sama-sama, so harap kita berjaya pun sama-sama.

To be cont.