#143: Jom Bercinta Selepas Nikah UTM KL

Salam Alaik.
I dont eventually know what to write now, so then i just posting this entry to let people know that yesterday we got guests for forum "Jom Bercinta Selepas Nikah". All is going well and wonderful because ppl got excited when seeing Dena Bahrin, as a Panel, omg omg! She's a famous blogger who had got married at early 19 y/o with someone she doesn't even know and interested to *awkward situationArranged marriage katanya.

Last night, she gaves a talk and stories about her life before and after married, and i'm was like "oh dia mcm tu dulu, dia mcm ni dulu" it's okay Dena, we always deserve second chance to be a better muslimah and see now you are the one you meant to be. Alhamdulillah happy for you =)

This is her popular video and i think she was known nowadays bcs her husband came melamar her without knowing her before. Back to our title >Bercinta Selepas Nikah< is the best marriage ever, lillahi ta'ala.
Here is @imammudanazrul as a Panel and his beautiful wife. Ustaz ni serious kelakar semalam :D Banyak jugak info dia bagi dan sangat berguna buat kita semua. Harap digunakan dengan sebaiknya ya, inshaaAllah.
Jeng jeng jeng. She laughed at me because i made my face became too mainstream ahah dia peluk pinggang aku kot time ni, gila excited >< who is she? Actually she is @taleebmizad 's beloved gorgeous wife. They got married for about last 2months. Ohho kenal dekat youtube je puns lepastu kahwin, btw still not too late to wish you Selamat Pengantin Baru :D Btw @taleebmizad  is a student at UTM JB and now tahun akhir for him. Semoga kekal bahagia hingga ke syurga Allah to both of you. Sama cantik sama handsome (Y)

Lastly, thank you very much for 3 of you for coming and give a talk. I hope to see you all again and again. Hope so to all audience and students will take note of what they were talking about, very useful and wow! Rugi siapa tak datang >< dapat ilmuuuuuu